Which Limerick Pump Should I Get?

Both the PJ's Comfort and the Joy multi-user breast pumps by Limerick are excellent choices for inducing lactation. 

They are very similar pumps in many ways:

  • Same strong, long-lasting motor designed to establish and grow milk production. 
  • Small, lightweight, and portable great for travel or taking to the workplace.
  • Many settings to choose from.  (I think fewer settings would make the pumps easier to use.)
  • Same personal kit with soft-silicone flanges that many of my clients have reported feel more comfortable and more like baby than hard plastic flanges.  These flanges are designed to be one-size-fits-all so no need to figure out flange fit.  

They are different:

  • The user can save the settings on the Joy.
  • The Joy is digital making the settings easier to read.
  • The Joy has even more settings than the PJ's Comfort.
  • The Joy has messages of encouragement that refer to the user as "Mommy."  (I have contacted Limerick expressing concerns that not every user of the pump identifies as "Mommy" and I hope they will provide an option to turn this off in the future.)

Are these the pumps I recommend over other pumps for inducing lactation?  There are several excellent pumps that may be used for inducing lactation.  None of them are perfect. This is just a brand I have happily worked with for many years.  You can also reach out to your local resources (hospitals, baby boutiques, or local lactation consultants in private practice) to see what is available for rent in your area.


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