Alyssa Schnell, IBCLC aims to be as inclusive as possible. 

This lactation practice welcomes people of all ages, races, genders, gender identity or expression, religion/no religion, national origin, language, education, marital status, body size or shape, political affiliation/philosophy, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, social-economic status, genetic information, HIV status, or veteran status.


Alyssa Schnell, IBCLC acknowledges that the term breastfeeding has limitations:  not all nursing or lactating parents have breasts and not all nursing or lactating parents are feeding at the breast or chest. Not all nursing or lactating parents identify as mothers. Therefore, this site will regularly use the terms nursing, lactating, and/or chestfeeding in addition to breastfeeding.  This site will generally use the term parent rather than mother.  


Alyssa Schnell, IBCLC acknowledges that photos on this site do not represent the wide diversity of nursing/lactating parents.  I am always looking to increase the diversity of my photographs.  (Help me increase diversity in the photos I use on this site and in my educational materials. Email me a photo of you feeding your baby! I will respond with a photo release form.)


Please let me know how I can make you feel more welcome and supported.



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