Postpartum or Prenatal Lactation Consultations

In order to focus on my area of specialty of induced lactation, I am no longer offering general lactation support.  However, there are a couple of exceptions:

Relactation.  Relactating is initiating or resuming milk production for a parent who birthed their baby but either did not start breastfeeding/pumping or discontinued and wishes to start/resume milk production.

Transitioning an exclusively bottle-fed baby to latching at breast.  Parent may be making milk (by pumping) or not.  

A parent may need support with both of these issues at once.  Either or both are covered in the relactation consultation package.  Ready to schedule a relactation consultation package?

Not sure if a relactation consultation package is right for you?  Schedule a free 15-minute mini consultation with Alyssa.



However, if you are interested in prenatal or postpartum consultations for other reasons, here are some additional local resources:


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