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Breastfeeding Without Birthing Professional Pack

The Breastfeeding Without Birthing Professional Pack is a step-by-step guide for lactation professionals who are working with parents inducing lactation and relactating. It supports the specific needs of lactation professionals like you, and is designed to get you this information in a cost-effective and convenient way. You can watch the entire course once as you are getting started, or you may wish to refer to sections as needed with a particular client.


  • Lifetime access to the digital course-- the Breastfeeding Without Birthing Professional Pack.
  • More than 4 hours of recorded content, to work through at your own pace, and revisit anytime. 
  • Links, Handouts, and other resources to support you as you need them. 
  • Tech support for any difficulties you might encounter as you work through the material.
  • 4.25 L-CERPs

What Other Lactation Professionals Are Saying:

Absolutely incredible course! I started with the most basic knowledge of inducing lactation and relactation going into this course and feel confident now on helping guide clients in the process!

Elisabeth Goebel, IBCLC

I finally got around to doing your professional pack course and I'm loving it! So comprehensive and specific.

Mary Francell, IBCLC

I have Alyssa's book, but this helped give me step by step instructions to help my clients make a plan tailored to them. I learned so much about inducing lactation and I will be able to pass this information on to my clients.

Alicia Fonder, RN, IBCLC

The information was more detailed than what I have read about breastfeeding without birthing. It was great to hear of real case examples of folks that Alyssa has supported. Having this information as a LLL Leader means I can better support families and give them good information and resources. This was my first time doing training online and I thought it was fantastic.

Bridget Muir, LLLL

This is so needed! I love to think of a broader net extending to potential breastfeeding families. It's all about feeling seen, and receiving support.

Hilary Flower, PhD, author of Adventures in Tandem Nursing and Adventures in Gentle Discipline

So much great information! I had a general idea of what was needed to induce lactation but this training let me know that I was on the right track and gave me more specific things to know. I now have the tools and knowledge to help parents with inducing and relactating and I know where to go to get more info and where to send parents as well. This was a great training! You are so knowledgeable and kind to us newbies. I'm excited to see what new trainings you'll offer.

Devon Miller, IBCLC, LLLL

I just finished your presentation [on inducing lactation]…It was excellent. I was overwhelmed by the contradictory information that I had found. Your presentation really gave me focus and direction. I greatly appreciate your work.

Sierra Elsey, IBCLC

I found the herbal galactagogue portion to be very helpful - a needed update to my prior knowledge. I also found it valuable to have a review of the steps and to talk/learn about them as they apply to different situations. I help several parents/year with this process (usually inducing lactation, rather than relactation), and everything I learned will help me provide better care to them.

Elizabeth Kelly, MS, RN, IBCLC

"This was/is an excellent webinar. It was clearly organized and covered many more aspects about inducing and relactating than just making milk. I appreciate the definition of different family structures and names for varied parental roles. I appreciate the emphasis on basic lactogenesis. You impart the understanding that some families can not spend the same time or have the same resources, so you offer varying plans. I also appreciate that we can refer back to this. It's very well done and I am glad to have spent the time on this. Thank you very much, Alyssa!

Robin Snyder-Drummond, IBCLC

This was a very thorough course (the best out there for adoptive families that I've found!) and the handouts are an excellent resource I will be using in my practice!

Susan VanSyckle, LBSW, CLC, Adoption Consultant Director