It is my mission to offer guidance that is evidence-based, inclusive, individualized, and supportive.  However, I realize that working with me will not be the right fit for everyone.  Below are answers to some common concerns so that you can decide if an Alyssa Schnell, IBCLC inducing lactation consultation package is right for you:

I am ready to get started.

Terrific - I cannot wait to meet you and get working on developing a protocol for inducing lactation just right for you.

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I am still not sure.

Maybe you have looked over these FAQs and still don't feel your concerns have been addressed.  No problem -- every parent and parent-to-be is an individual and I want to be sure your issues are addressed.  I am happy to offer you a free 15-minute phone consultation to answer basic questions about inducing lactation and help you decide if an inducing lactation consultation package is right for you.

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