Hello!  I'd like to help you with relactation.

Feeding your baby hasn't been a straightforward journey.  Are you ready to head in the direction of your breastfeeding goals? 

Tons of resources below.

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Even though Breastfeeding Without Birthing is the go-to book for inducing lactation, most of its contents apply to relactation as well.  Whether you need help with transitioning a bottle-feeding baby to breast, information about resuming milk production, or both, this book has the information you need. Learn more >

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Coming soon!  In response to the common questions, concerns, and confusion parents are experiencing regarding inducing lactation and relactation.

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Relactation is a more complex lactation situation.  You and your baby deserve the skilled care that only an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) can offer.  Learn more about working with Alyssa >

Find a local lactation consultant>

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While we are no longer recording new Breastfeeding Outside the Box podcast episodes, our more than fifty episodes — most of them relating to inducing lactation or relactation — are still available wherever you stream podcasts.

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