Inducing Lactation Consultation Package

  • an inducing lactation protocol customized just for you
  • 4 consultations:  in-person, by HIPAA-compliant videoconference, or phone
  • email follow-up
  • lactation report faxed to doctor or midwife
  • generous package discount:  regular price for 4 consultations $575



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Inducing Lactation Consultation Package FAQs

a lactation plan tailored to your needs

Maybe you are discouraged with a generic protocol you found online or elsewhere.  Or maybe you simply want to find a step-by-step plan for inducing lactation that takes into account your health profile, the circumstances around your baby's arrival, and your preferences.


evidence-based information

The ideas and support available on social media and other sources online are intriguiging, but are they reliable, balanced, and safe?  For the past 15 years, I have been reading and researching, writing, and speaking on induced lactation.  My approaches are based on peer-reviewed journal articles, expert interviews, and extensive professional experience.

a strong record of successful lactation

My first success with inducing lactation was my own:  I brought in a full milk supply for my daughter by adoption.  While most of my clients have not brought in a full supply as I did, every one of my inducing lactation clients (who have followed through on their lactation protocol) have been able to make some amount of milk.

What Alyssa's clients are saying...

Kate W.

"[Baby name] just celebrated his half-birthday last week, and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your support that has gotten us to this point. He has just started exploring solid foods, but is otherwise still exclusively breastfeeding. He is growing well and is a very content baby. It is so amazing that I am able to meet all of his nutritional needs! It was really hard work and took a lot of commitment at the beginning, but it was SO worth it! I am so thankful for all of the support from you and my husband to make this possible. The bond I have with [baby name] is so precious and absolutely priceless. After he eats and is satisfied, his soft smile as he looks up at me makes all the months of effort to bring a supply in seem like nothing. I know asking for a full supply was a tall order, but your plan worked perfectly and my body responded accordingly. Thank you!"

 Nicole C.

"I want to say thank you so much for being so supportive and trying to help me find the best method of feeding at the breast for me and my future child. It's difficult to not judge myself or feel like others see me as less than on this journey, so to have someone that I admire tell me that there are multiple ways to go about this process and that it's okay to do what feels like a good fit for me feels very gracious. I really appreciate you."

Sonya S.

"We have been blessed with a baby boy [via surrogacy]... and sincere thanks to you , I have been breastfeeding him from day 1.  It is not always sufficient for him so I top it up with a formula, but I wouldn't have been able to experience this wonderful thing if it wasn't for you.  I don't have enough words to thank you .. sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart!"

Rayn G.

"Alyssa helped me not only induce lactation, but establish a sound supply. She stayed with me through the long haul and gave me advice and wisdom to work struggles. I have recommended her to several adoption friends."

Natalie A.

Natalie worked with a local lactation consultant who didn't have a lot of experience with this specialty of lactation.  Most lactation consultants don't.  Natalie was frustrated with her results and reached out to me.  We met for a  consultation via videoconference, and a week and a half later Natalie reported back,  “I am making probably twice as much [milk] as when we talked”!

Ismat H.

"Oh my gosh thank you so much!! This [inducing lactation] consultation was more than I could have hoped for! You gave me so many tools and worked with me to help me figure out what plan I was most comfortable with. I now feel like I can do what I need to do without hesitation, and look forward to eventually breastfeed ..."

Danielle W.

"Working with Alyssa helped me in countless ways. When I decided I wanted to co-nurse along with my pregnant wife, I didn’t know where to start. After a little research, I felt in over my head. Part of me thought I could create a plan for myself but there was no guideline out there that was tailored to my family’s specific goals. I also had some health concerns I wanted a professional to help me consider in the process. Alyssa stepped in as a coach, mentor, and cheerleader, helping me plan many months ahead and writing out a tailored plan with the key stages of my process. She was incredibly accessible between our video chats via e-mail, always quickly answering my many follow up questions. I feel successful as I have had the pleasure of nursing my son (alongside my wife) for his first two months of life. It helped us to bond and provided him immunity boosters. It was also a huge relief for my wife to know that I was going to be able to help with breastfeeding if she struggled with that process. Alyssa truly made this journey possible for me and I would encourage anyone attempting to induce lactation or needing advice about nursing to seek her expert guidance sooner rather than later!"

Your experience is very important to me. If you do not feel 100% satisfied with your inducing lactation consultation package within 30 days of purchase, please let me know how I could have done better and you will be refunded in full.

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